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ecofitter store - Retreat Centre and Healthy Home Check-ups
                                                    Your surroundings matter. 
                      The ecofitter store outfits you and your space for healthy living. 
                                         We focus on food, water, air and spaces.

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At ecofitter we specialize the following products: 
- the healthiest and least-toxic cleaners and their ingredients, selling Dr. Bronner's Sal's Suds 
        and bulk glycerin, borax, diatomaceous earth
- beeswax food wraps to cover food instead of plastic
- water filtration systems (ceramic and multistage block and spun filter systems)
- Total suspended solids meters to determine if RO system is working of needs to be changed
- equipment and tools (Radon Monitors to determine and display (and alarm) long term tests)
- EMF Trifield meters and other EMF meters
- Stetzer meter and Stetzer filters
EMFKill Switch to shut of power to zones at night/not needed (use "ECOFITTER5" for discount)
- meters and tools for electrical testing 
- solar ovens (Go Sun discount use "AMBAS68") and rocket stoves
- books 
- the least toxic deodorizing solutions
- the least toxic pest management products including wonderful cotton Bug Shirts!

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high frequency field meter, EMF meter, Radio frequency, testing, directional antennae

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Hours: Wed & Fri 9-12 noon May 1st through to Nov 1st,
  and by chance or by appointment - call or text 416-836-5509 

Location: 7kms north of village of Pointe au Baril, Ontario. Take Highway 69 1km past Pointe au Baril, turn left onto Highway 529, continue 5 kms. 

Good for you,
Good for the Bay

Clients asked, "were can I get the healthy things you suggest?"  So, after much research and planning, we opened a tiny store in a trailer on Cranberry Camp for our first season. 

What is Environmental health? 
Environmental health is the study of how our surroundings effect us is environmental health.  
Click here for a short video which explains the importance of environmental health. This TED talk also explains the importance of place, our surroundings:

traffic, air pollution, housing, chemicals, off-gassing, EMFsIf you ask yourself: 

- Is my place as healthy as I would like it to be? 
- Does the air, materials, chemicals or electrical climate influence my health? If so, how much?
- Is the amount of information about the health impacts hard to keep up with? 
- Is the information conflicting or sometimes overwhelming ? 

If you answered, yes, then you are interested in environmental health! ecofitter & Environmental Health Consulting could help you.

Anne Stewart is the lead investigator and founder of Environmental Health Consulting IncAnne has 13 years experience as property manager, holds an Environmental Health degree (Bachelor of Applied Science), has worked in Public Health field for 19 years, is a certified Public Health Inspector (CIPHI(C)) and certified Building Biologist (BBEC).

ecofitter supports the Habitat for Humanity build in Pointe au Baril