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ecofitter; outfitting for healthy ecological living - assessments, workshops, resources for cottage, home, work...

ecofitter, sign, road sign, store, camp store/office, Cranberry CampAt ecofitter you can learn how you can improve your surrounding in 4 key areas: food, water, air, spaces (cleaners and their ingredients, equipment (Radon Monitors, Trifield meters), tools (Total Suspended Solid meter), books, water filters, zeolite, solar cookers, etc. Store hours will be by appointment and by chance (as well as Friday evenings and Saturday mornings) so telephoning first is a good idea! 

Learning and sharing about healthy living is our passion.

healthy cleaners, pure soap, pure vegetable soap, soap flakes, liquid soap

Some of our products include:

  • the healthiest and least-toxic cleaners
  • meters for EMF testing, magnetic field testing and dirty electricity
  • solar ovens
  • water filtration systems and meters to determine filtration levels
electrical, dirty electric meter, Stetzer meterhigh frequency field meter, EMF meter, Radio frequency, testingsolar oven, solar grill, GoProwater quality testing, Total suspended solids meter, filtration, RO systemhigh frequency field meter, EMF meter, Radio frequency, testing, directional antennae

Assessing your surroundings is a key component to health and happiness. We'll help you by being able to discuss your business, home, cottage, boat and help you improve your understanding of your space.   

reptile, protection, turtles, snakes, road ecologyWe care about the earth, the plants, the animals and a healthy ecosystem. As such we are experimenting with native bees, plants that birds and pollinators like and protecting reptiles.

Your surrounding matter; 
create the healthiest space possible  
 Call 705-366-2148, 416-836-5509 or email: [email protected] 

Some pictures of tiny homes we are interested in, and ones we have stayed in:

tiny house, inside, Shepherd's wagon,
tiny house, recycled materials

tiny house, recycled materials

tiny house, RV, recreation vehicle, trailer