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                                           Your surroundings matter. We focus on food, water, air and spaces.

Ecofitter; outfitting for healthy ecological living for cottage, home and workplace by looking at air, water, food and spaces.We assess surroundings, providing resources and guide people to create healthier spaces. We have been in the business of providing healthy spaces and guiding people about their spaces for 30 years in property management, public health and private consulting.

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Clients asked, "were can I get the healthy things you suggest?"  So, after much research and planning, we opened a wee store in a trailer of Cranberry Camp for our first season. The photo to the right is the building in 1978. Renovations are underway so we can move into a building next year. So exciting!

ecofitter, camp store/office, Cranberry Camp, old restaurant, Forest Glen, log constructionThe store, ecofitterprovides resources in our 4 key areas: food, water, air, spaces. So we sell the least-toxic cleaners and their ingredients, deodorizers  solutions to control pests, equipment, tools, books, water filters, solar cookers, rocket stoves, radon monitors, lead swabs, zeolite for air purification, etc. 

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In the future we'll have education centre for events and workshops We've already got experts in many areas (forest gardening, herbalist walk...) already committed. If you'd like to be involved send us an e-mail. Learning and sharing about healthy living is our passion.   

We are also seeking people to share in the adventure of seasonal, very small eco-holiday park at Cranberry Camp (tent, yurt, trailer or RV). Located 7kms north of Pointe au Baril, north of Parry Sound, Georgian Bay, Ontario. 

As members of the Private Campground Association you can find us listed here.  Some of the details:

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  • 8.3 acres surrounded by crown land on 3 sides
  • on the entrance side is a secondary highway and Cranberry Lake, a small quite inland lake, where we have an access dock
  • free public access onto Georgian Bay (3 kms boat launch Bayfield Inlet) 
  • shared/communal garden with greenhouse
  • Call us at 705-366-2148 to find out more!

We are still offering the other services which we have provided for 10 years including:

1) Assessments of your space. We look at all the factors that contribute to your health and well-being onsite. We test, we sniff, we investigate, we analyze and sometimes we take samples to the lab (but not often as that can get costly and we offer sensible solutions). See the Assessment page for details of all we do.

telephone, wireless, wired, safety, health2) Telephone or e-mail consulting is a great way to get advice about about your building or renovation project so it can be as healthy as possible. We offer consulting and/or research about products, materials, chemicals, cleaners, product application, ventilation and "bake-outs", or building method, design or renovation options and information about relocatingWe can provide some consulting about an area or a building from the outside without going into a building. 

This is very cost-effective work and we can sometimes identify some large potential problems (i.e. environmental contaminants) by location of the building, type of building, construction style and age and issues identified by experience, environmental releases in area, flood plain history, electromagnetic/EMF/distribution line mapping, traffic-related mapping and data bases. We have worked with several design teams to ensure the healthiest build possible (or re-build, or renovation) which provides a rewarding product!

Making healthy cleaners, beeswax, non-toxic, samples3) Workshops to assist many people lead healthier and happier lives in a cost effective manner, and also very practical and interactive! Customize your topics to what you and your group are most interested in. Topics can include: reducing electro-magnetic fields, scents in a workplace, safer & better cleaning, making healthier cleaning products (cleaners, furniture polish, boat cleaners), making personal care products (cream, sunscreen), what you need to know about mould, and how to test soil and water.                   

What is Environmental health? 

Environmental health is the study of how our surroundings effect us is environmental health.  
Click here for a short video which explains the importance of environmental health. This TED talk also explains the importance of place, our surroundings:

traffic, air pollution, housing, chemicals, off-gassing, EMFsIf you ask yourself: 

- Is my place as healthy as I would like it to be? 
- Does the air, materials, chemicals or electrical climate influence my health? 
- If so, how much?
- Is the amount of information about the health impacts hard to keep up with? 
- Is the information conflicting or sometimes overwhelming ?

Then, you are interested in environmental health. ecofitter & Environmental Health Consulting could help you.The first step to improving your health and happiness is to properly assess your surroundings.

              Healthy solutions are always ecological solutions! 

How to book?  
1) Contact us at [email protected], 705-366-2148, or text 416-836-5509
2) transfer to reserve your appointment time or pay for your service in advance
3) Your balance can be paid after we have been to your space  by cash, credit cards, or cheque payable to Environmental Health Consulting Inc.

Anne Stewart is the lead investigator and founder of Environmental Health Consulting IncAnne has 13 years experience as property manager, holds an Environmental Health degree (Bachelor of Applied Science), has worked in Public Health field for 19 years, is a certified Public Health Inspector (CIPHI(C)) and certified Building Biologist (BBEC).
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