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ecofitter store - Retreat Centre and Healthy Home Check-ups

Retreat Centre on Cranberry Camp
We care about the earth, the plants, the animals and a healthy ecosystem. As such we are experimenting with native bees, plants that birds and pollinators like, protecting reptiles and creating a retreat centre.

Making healthy cleaners, beeswax, non-toxic, samplesCranberry Camp will be available for education, workshops, events and family gatherings. We've got experts in many areas (forest gardening, herbalist walk...) already committed. Other topics we may have workshops on include: reducing scents, making healthier cleaning products (cleaners, furniture polish, boat cleaners), making personal care products (cream, sunscreen, pest management products), water and water filtration... If you'd like to be involved send us an e-mail. Learning and sharing about healthy living is our passion.   


ecofitter, camp store/office, Cranberry Camp, old restaurant, Forest Glen, log construction

Above is the the former restaurant in 1987. It's now under repair and will be the pavilion/hospitality space. We are located 7kms north of Pointe au Baril, north of Parry Sound, Georgian Bay, Ontario. 

We can accommodate up to 8 other trailers or RVs or tent sites. 
We have:
Cranberry Camp, food, greenhouse, growing- 8.3 acres surrounded by crown land on 3 sides
- access onto Cranberry Lake, a small quiet inland lake 
- 3kms to free public boat ramp & dock at Bayfield Inlet 
- shared/communal garden with greenhouse

                      Healthy Living

Some pictures of tiny homes we are interested in, and ones we have stayed in:

tiny house, inside, Shepherd's wagon,
tiny house, recycled materials

tiny house, RV, recreation vehicle, trailer


tiny house, recycled materials

Call us at 705-366-2148 to find out more!

Winter photos of the site: