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ecofitter; outfitting homes, cottages, workplaces for healthier and happier living by looking at air, water, food, spacesPlease see the Facebook page of ecofitter & Environmental Health Consulting - here you will find up-to-date information on wireless radiation, food, healthy communities, bed bugs, agriculture, sleep, toxic personal care products and more!

Drop in at the ecofitter store to pick up some resources in our 4 key areas: food, water, air, spaces (cleaners and their ingredients, equipment (Radon Monitors, Trifield meters), tools (Total Suspended Solid meter), books, water filters, zeolite, solar cookers, etc)

Learning and sharing about healthy living is our passion.

Recommended Books (we sell many of these at the ecofitter store):

1) 1995, Anderson, Nina; Your Health and Your House: A Resource Guide (Paperback) - still probably the best overall resource, even though we have newer technologies added to our environment. By used as a good starting point. 

2) 2003; Hobbs, Angela; The Sick House Survival Guide; Simple Steps to a Healthier Home; New Society Publishers - the BEST reference for anyone thinking that they may be ill from there environment. Very practical - not much has changed since 2003! 

How everyday products make people sick by Paul D. Blanc; an environmental health guide3) 2007; Blanc, Paul D.; How Everyday Products make People Sick, University of California Press - very detailed, technical, home/ workplace application 
4) 2010; Boyd, David R.; Dodging the Toxic Bullet; how to protect yourself from everyday environmental health hazards,  Greystone Books, Vancouver Canada - a Canadian book, very thorough, accurate and well written; I would recommend this to everyone! 
Poisoned profits; the toxic assault on our children by Alice and Phillip Shabecoff5) 2008; Shabecoff, Philip, Shabecoff, Alice; Poisoned Profits; the Toxic Assault on our Children, Random House - a well researched and well-written book with good ideas and tips especially for young families
Not just a pretty Face by Stacy Malkan; an exposure and guide to cosmetics and personal care products6) 2010; Davis, Derva; Disconnect - a level-headed approach to looking at the issues and information about cell phones, wireless, and WiFi 
7) 2010; Milham, Samuel; Dirty Electricity; Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization - a good historical epidemiology read, plus, it's short and easy to finish!
8) Not just a Pretty Face, exposing the beauty care and personal care industries. See:

Videos and documentaries
1) Documentary about Rachel Carson and her life. So important to ensure ecological awareness as it impacts human health. If the world is not healthy we cannot possibly be.

2) A TED talk that explains the importance of place - our surroundings matter:

3) A video about how to make behavioral changes - some of you health promotors and public health inspectors might like this one: All Washed Up from Vital Smarts. How do we make positive changes?

4) TED talk about Wireless Wake-up Call; Jeromy Johnson;

5) For your entertaintment a lighter look at Environmental Health and why we conduct healthy space assessments, watch this short explanation (5.38min) by Alex Stadtner with cartoon illustration animation, a Funny Video about Health Buildings

6) "The Story of Cosmetics" (2010; 7 min) - Exposing the ugly truth about personal care products – brought to you by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Annie Leonard’s Story of Stuff Project, and Free Range Studios

7) About child health and exposures, see the short (3.45min) video, A Wake Up Story

Other Resources/Links related to Environmental Health: 

Water and water filtration: Water and water filtration: Sweetwater LLC - Home Water Purification (Ecologist James P McMahon) 

Local products and supplies: (Ecological supplies, personal care products, baby and clothing, and bulk cleaning ingredients) Toronto (stains, sealants, adhesives, sealants, roof shingles, insulation), Kevin Royce, Aurora, Ontario  (Specialize in milk paints, plaster, wallpaper) The Beaches, Toronto 
Information about materials and products on-line resource & App for builders and architects  Adria Vasil, NOW magazine columnist, Toronto  good information about materials, California
bio-pesticides approved in Canada
Clean Volt (surge arrester, may assist with dirty electricity, added at your electrical panel)

Furnishings and bedding:
  bedding (natural mattresses), Toronto (Calgary, Alberta, co-owner Andrew Mackie is a Bau-biologist)  bedding (wool blankets and comforters), Ottawa the "Cadillac" of beds, Sweeden linens and interior design, Rowena Finegan, San Francisco, CA

Local architects: 
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities resources:
Many people react to perfumes and other scents. Here's a useful web-link from the perfume industry:

Several useful organizations for support and information about environmental sensitivities:

Useful i
nformation about EMFs (or high frequency or radiofrequency): 

That's enough tips. Please contact us for more guidance.