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Healthy home check-ups - cottage, camp, home or business 
           (Environmental Health Consulting Inc.)

Assessing your surroundings is a key component to health and happiness. We'll help you attain the healthiest space possible for you, your family and/or your clients. We help you better understand your space so you can create a healthier space.  We assess surroundings, providing resources and guide people to create healthier spaces. We have been in the business of providing healthy spaces and guiding people about their spaces for 30 years in property management, public health and private consulting. 
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We look at all the factors that contribute to your health and well-being onsite. We test, we sniff, we investigate, we analyze and sometimes we take samples to the lab (but not often as that can get costly and we offer sensible solutions). See the below for details of all we do.

Here's a fun little video showing the kind of work we do.

How do assessments (a Healthy Home Check Up) help? 
  • An outsider can detect things that someone familiar with the space may overlook. 
  • We provide you with the information you need 
  • Identifying & and removing toxic things from your space can change your life (i.e. an undiagnosed gas leak, improperly installed duct system) 
  • It will give you a piece of mind knowing that the space is as healthy as you can provide
  • Environmental issues can affect concentration, productivity, and long-term health 
  • Protects the investment you have in your home or business (for most Canadians their home is their largest investment). Compare this investment to repair, renovation, redecorating and healthcare expenses. 
  • Assessments are economical quality assurance about a space. 

                      Your surrounding matter; create the healthiest space possible  
                       Call 705-366-2148, 416-836-5509 or email: 

Why choose Environmental Health Consulting?  
1) We fully understand the links between environmental exposures and health, having training and many years experience in property restoration/maintenance and public health. We are trained in all aspects of building health, building science and environmental health. 

2) We use scientific equipment and experienced observation to test many things. See the details page. You will therefore receive accepted scientific advice and economical solutions. 

3) We provide a wholistic approach that looks at many disciplines. This way, you can be assured that all the major things that might influence your health have been assessed. For example, if you call a furnace person about your air quality he will not be looking at basement foundation walls or eaves troughs... See the details below about what's included in our wholistic assessments.  

Indoor space assessments, indoor air quality, design, furniture, materials4) Our passionate approach has helped all kinds of people, all kinds of spaces and all kinds of problems. For example, people who have asthma, strange odours have been identified & removed, mysteries about water leaks have been solved, gas leaks, moisture and ventilation problems making people ill, etc. 

5) After we identify practical priorities we provide 3 telephone or email follow-up appointments to guide you to find the resources you need.  

In every wholistic assessment we cover the following topics: 

furnace, filtration, filter, HVAC, air qualityGas leaks - we test for natural gas and other combustible gases; exposures to combustion gas (natural gas, propane) at low levels are thought to cause health problems including MCS.                                                                

Radon - we share information and advise about the best and most effective radon monitoring. 

Carbon Monoxide (CO) - we test at very low levels - below what your detector will determine. Health effects from CO start at much lower levels. You cannot smell or see CO. 
Moisture testing by using a moisture meter to detect water in materials
Possible water leaks - we look at wall systems, building materials, design, construction methods, air flow, humidity, condensation. We test building materials that are likely to have water intrusion.

allergens, air quality, allergies, filtrationIndoor air quality parameters are all looked at visually and olfactory (i.e. smell). This includes ventilation, air flow, furnace diagnostics, temperature variances, humidity, formaldehyde off-gassing, filtration, allergens.  The ones that may be problematic will be tested including the sampling of allergens, insects, lead, asbestos, pesticides, mould, and other contaminants/VOCs, as required.

Healthy furniture options to reduce dust, VOC's, flame retardants and foamLighting & design will be assessed (natural light, passive solar heating, design for summer cooling, glare, florescent tubes). 

All the electrically-created fields (electric, AC magnetic fields, radio frequency or microwave or high frequency fields or “EMF’s”, dirty electricity and stray or net current) will be tested. We determine the source of wireless exposures (cell antenna, neighbours' router, building wiring/distribution, etc.)
A gigahertz high frequency meter to measure or test high frequency fields produced by cellular and other digital communication and their direction.
High kilowatt electrical distribution; produces high magnetic fields

Share information about cleaners (see the tip page) and infection control.

Provide practical and common-sense guidance about how to improve space taking in mind the individual needs of each client (housing or space plans, concerns, health status, advice on renovation projects).

Prioritize advice based on the actions that are the most likely to influence healthWe help you conduct lead testing, help making cleaners,  find gas leaks, advise on renovation projects, chemicals, materials...

We try to be fair taking into account travel, training and huge equipment expenses: 
  • complete wholistic assessment of your space - price based on a average sized home or business (2000 sq. ft.) with a modest number of electronic "devices" $529
  • electrical assessment (magnetic, electric, high frequency or "EMF", stray current and dirty electricity) $295
  • indoor air quality assessment (air flow, ventilation, total VOCs, formaldehyde, water testing and filtration advice, mould assessment, moisture testing, gas leak testing, furnace inspection and diagnostics) $295

Other factors: 
  • if a written report is required we charge an extra $200+
  • lab fees are extra, if required but usually not necessary
  • we request that the client be present to take notes and ask questions
  • prices are based on the Parry Sound and area (and the GTA on an infrequent basis); for other locations travel costs to be negotiated
  • e-transfer can be made to reserve your appointment 
  • balances can be paid upon completion by cash, credit card, or cheque
  • all payments made payable to Environmental Health Consulting Inc.

An assessment is the first step to ensure the healthiest home for you and your family. 
Contact us at, 705-366-2148, or text 416-836-5509

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We also do telephone or e-mail consulting about about your building or renovation project, consulting and/or research about products, materials, chemicals, cleaners, product application, ventilation and "bake-outs", or building method, design or renovation options and information about relocating. This can be very cost-effective and can identify some large potential problems (i.e. environmental contaminants) by location of the building, type of building, construction style and age and issues identified by experience, environmental releases in area, flood plain history, electromagnetic/EMF/distribution line mapping, traffic-related mapping and data bases. We have worked with several design teams to ensure the healthiest build possible (or re-build, or renovation) which provides a rewarding product!