ecofitter; outfitting for healthy ecological living - How we can help
ecofitter; outfitting for healthy ecological living - assessments, workshops, resources for cottage, home, work...
Ecofitter; outfitting for healthy ecological living for cottage, home and workplace by looking at air, water, food and spaces.                                                 

             Your surroundings matter. 

We can help. The study of how our surroundings effect us is environmental health. Our focus is assessing surroundings, providing resources and guiding people to create healthier spaces. 

Click here for a short video which explains the importance of environmental health.

You might ask yourself:
- Is my business, home, cottage or boat as healthy as I would like it to be? 

- Does my air, materials, chemicals or electrical climate influence my health? If so, how much?

- Is the amount of information about the health impacts hard to keep up with? Is the information conflicting? Sometimes overwhelming ?

 The first step to improving your health and happiness is to properly assess your surroundings 

This TED talk also explains the importance of place, our surroundings:

In order to assist you to provide the healthiest space possible for you, your family, your employees we offer:

Pure joy in the water demonstrating a healthier and happier life
1) on-site assessments of your space, business or residential, in Pointe au Baril or Parry Sound area (also  Toronto/Oakville on occasion). Details about assessments can be found on the details pageWe do not accept commissions or referral fees of any sort. Her's a fun little video showing the kind of work we do.
2) workshops and/or presentations (very practical and interactive) so you can learn how to assess some issues and make changes in your business or home yourself and/or share the information with others.

3) on-site or telephone or e-mail consulting  about your building or renovation project so it can be as healthy as possible (consulting and/or research particular product, material, chemical or building method, and design recommendations)

4) work with design teams to ensure a healthier build, re-build or renovation

5) Spring 2017 (May) we'll have a small healthy cottage and camp store/office on our very small holiday eco-resort at Cranberry Camp (see some photos on the resources page). We'll provide resources in our 4 key areas: food, water, air, spaces. So we'll sell cleaners and their ingredients, equipment, tools, books, water filters, solar cookers, radon monitors, lead swabs, zeolite for air purification, etc. 

6) In the future we'll have education centre for events and workshops We've already got experts in many areas (forest gardening, herbalist walk...) already committed. If you'd like to be involved send us an e-mail. Learning and sharing about healthy living is our passion.
        Healthy solutions are always ecological solutions! 
How to book?  
1) Contact us at, 705-366-2148, or text 416-836-5509
2) Use one of the PayPal links on the details page to reserve your appointment time or pay for your service in advance
3) Your balance can be paid after we have been to your space (cash, credit cards, or cheque).

Anne Stewart is the lead investigator and founder of Environmental Health Consulting IncAnne has 13 years experience as property manager, holds an Environmental Health degree (Bachelor of Applied Science), has worked in Public Health field for 19 years, is a certified Public Health Inspector (CIPHI(C)) and certified Building Biologist (BBEC).

Environmental Health Consulting Inc.         
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